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My gear


  • 2022 M2 macbook air with 16gb ram and 512GB disk as my primary machine
  • A HP Victus Laptop with 16GB ram, a 12th gen i7 and 1TB of nvme ssd, running windows for school and the occasional session of Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Ipad air (2022) with pencil
  • Handfull of rpi's
  • DS220+ nas with 2x4tb hdd in raid 1, 6gb of ram for storage
  • An old nuc with 500gb nvme, 1TB sata ssd, 32gb ram and a 4c/8t i5 cpu running proxmox
  • Vps at hetzner (arm cpu) with 4c/8gb ram and 80GB Disk running my sites